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Developer Spotlight: Collin Kidder - Reverse engineering software and M2 firmware.

In an early project, Collin used M2’s LEDs as opportunity to teach everyone about CAN bus load in his Nissan Leaf.

Collin is the author of the “due_can” Arduino library and many more excellent projects, including “SavvyCAN.” We’ve found SavvyCAN to be a great reverse engineering tool that we use all the time. It is cross platform, easy to use and open source.

Learn more here.

SavvyCAN requires a go-between to get your computer interfaced to your car. M2 can be that interface. With Collin’s help, M2 now pairs nicely with SavvyCAN using “M2RET (M2 Reverse Engineering Tool). Future goals for M2RET/SavvyCAN include adding LIN and SWCAN reverse engineering functionality.

Check it out here.

Oh yes, and he just recently helped reverse engineer the BMS (battery management system) in the Tesla battery pack.

Jack Rickard and Collin Kidder of EVTV (Missouri): A closer look at M2 and reverse engineering the Tesla battery pack BMS.

Jack and Collin of EVTV have figured out exactly how the BMS of a Tesla battery pack works. EVTV produces a video series and blog on the topic of electric cars and electric car conversions. We debuted a prototype M1 board at their very first EVCCON (electric vehicle conversion convention) way back in 2011.

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