1. A. Any person buying, agreeing to buy or using this product shall accept all terms of this disclaimer notwithstanding anything to the contrary.
  2. B. “Macchina LLC” hereinafter also called and referred to as “Macchina” produces development platforms and general purpose products. These products produced by “Macchina” hereinafter also called and referred to as “Product”.
  3. C. No person under the age of 18 shall use this “Product” and “Macchina” shall not be responsible for any liability arising from such use.
  4. D. Use of “Product” may void any warranty offered by the manufacturer or a third-party and this Disclaimer shall serve as a warning to the users of this device that liability arising from the use of this device in such circumstances shall not render “Macchina” liable.
  5. E. Any abuse, harm, injury caused mentally or otherwise by the use adverse to the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer of “Macchina” shall not be the responsibility of “Macchina”.
  6. F. “Product” could be connected to different devices and connecting or using “Product” with such other device may be done at the risk of the user.
  7. G. We disclaim all liability arising from such connection to another device which is not recommended or prescribed by “Macchina”. It is the risk and the responsibility of the person who uses this device.
  8. H. “Macchina” makes no guaranty that the use of the same shall conform to the prescribed standards of the manufacturer or the laws of the State or any other regulative body.
  9. I. “Macchina” shall not be liable for being used on vehicles intended for and “on highway use”.
  10. J. “Product” is built to facilitate easy customization of the software and hardware of a vehicle and the use of this device requires skills and knowledge in order to ensure that the outcome would be within the desired and safe parameters.
  11. K. Injury, death or damage caused to any person as a result of wrongful, reckless, negligent or uneducated use of “Product” would render such person to be solely liable.
  12. L. “Macchina” cannot be held accountable for any use of code, posting of a code on any website or the consequences of using or publishing such code. All liability relating to codes shall be borne by each party related to such code.
  13. M. In order to minimize or avoid such bodily harm, users are advised to take all precautionary measures in handling, using the device and utilizing its services and “Macchina” shall not be liable where such steps have not been taken.
  14. N. “Macchina” shall not be liable for all and any damage caused to things, equipment or vehicles by the use of this device.
  15. O. “Macchina” explicitly denies any and all liability arising from the product description and the accuracy of information provided and requires the user to take care and inspect the unit before purchasing/using.
  16. P. User is advised to conduct thorough investigation on the suitability and the fitness of each unit before every use. “Macchina” excludes liability where the user has not sufficiently conducted such investigation.
  17. Q. Where any part of this Disclaimer is held to be ineffective, invalid or void by a competent court or by operation of law, the remaining parts shall be binding and will have full force of law.