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The M2 Processor Board is based on the design and function of an Arduino Due with the M2 Developer in mind. Our Processor Board sports the same SAM3X ARM Cortex-M3 processor on a board 50% smaller than the Arduino Due. We also use the High Speed SD card interface and have written the appropriate firmware libraries to allow for faster data logging. Additionally, we made development easier by adding 5 LEDs (1 red, 3 yellow, 1 green), one RGB LED, four strategically located tact switches and a 32kbit EEPROM to store variables after power is cut.



- High-speed microSD card slot

- Native USB, can act as device or host (microUSB port)

- 5 built-in LEDs, 1 RGB LED

- 4 tact switches (2x User-configurable, 1x RESET, 1x ERASE)

- 32Kbits non-volatile EEPROM


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