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M2 Under-the-Dash (UTD) is our versatile, open source automotive interface packaged as a compact OBD2 dongle. M2 works with almost any modern vehicle and features an SAM3X ARM Cortex-M3 processor at its core as well as a Bee socket to easily add WIFI, BLE, GSM, 3G, LTE or GPS functionality (for compatible add-ons, click here). Have a different processor in mind? Your processor can easily be swapped out with our Breakout Board. For detailed documentation on M2, click here.



- 2 channels of CAN

- 2 channels of LIN/K-LINE

- 1-J1850 VPW/PWM interface

- 1 single-wire CAN (GMLAN) interface

- High-speed microSD card slot

- Native USB, can act as device or host (microUSB port)

- 5 built-in LEDs, 1 RGB LED

- 4 tact switches (2x User-configurable, 1x RESET, 1x ERASE)

- 32Kbits non-volatile EEPROM

- Protection circuitry from overcurrent, reverse voltage, and overvoltage.

- 6 general purpose driver circuits, source or sink up to 1A at 12 volts

- a 26pin general purpose connector (more information available here)


What’s in the Box:

- 1 M2-UTD (includes M2 UTD Interface Board and Processor Board)

- 1 Macchina sticker