M2: Already in use by security professionals

We asked Tim Brom, a Security Researcher with Grimm, to tell us a little about the state of car hacking and how he plans to use M2 in his research. He writes: As a child, I always looked forward to my parents’ household appliances breaking (sorry Mom and Dad). I knew that once they were broken, I would be allowed to take them apart to see how they worked (so long as I promised not to plug them in…).

What is Macchina?

Macchina is a key to unlock the control center of your car. Once you are in, Macchina can then be used to make changes and tweaks to your car. You can do anything from simple projects like stopping that annoying ding to more complex upgrades like unlocking more horsepower or improving fuel economy. Macchina arrives to you as a blank key - you have to cut it yourself. Learning how to cut that key (reverse engineering, writing code, and plain-old tinkering) is the fun and challenging part, but don't worry you can do it, because a community of car nerds already exists.


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