P1 by Macchina goes on sale at DEF CON 27!



We’re very limited in quantities, so grab one while you can here.


Ever since we launched M2 in 2017, we’ve heard from many of you looking for a more powerful Linux-based automotive interface. P1 is exactly that. P1 allows you to use existing, well-developed applications for car network processing and control right AT the interface.


You can now run software packages like SocketCAN, CANutils, Wireshark and many others to read, write, log and monitor the car’s network data without being constantly tethered to a desktop/laptop computer - all of this without the steep learning curve of microcontroller programming.


By using the PocketBeagle (by BeagleBoard.org) as the host processor, we take advantage of the powerful Octavo Systems OSD335x SiP and rich BeagleBoard community. P1 is even a Beagleboard-verified product and we have had a great experience working with them. They even JUST added the ISO-TP kernel module to their Debian distribution! 


We’re working on simplifying the set-up process so you can get to car hacking sooner. Our goal is for everyone to just take the product out of the box, plug in a laptop, and immediately start sending commands and watching traffic. The included microSD card comes pre-flashed and ready to roll. 


While the fastest way to get started might still be using the microUSB to connect to your laptop, we are shipping it with a WiFi dongle. Now you can remotely SSH into your car and get started tinkering without leaving the comfort of your couch. 


Like every other open source project out there, P1 has room to grow. P1 has a lot more going on hardware-wise than just CAN. SWCAN and LIN should be fairly straightforward by extending the existing SocketCAN libraries, but J1850 and other more exotic protocols will take some creative thinking.


We’re looking forward to seeing what you come up with!