An OBD2 breakout to replace all that spaghetti on your desk

Macchina has developed an OBD2 breakout board called “OBD3way”, which dramatically cleans up the connections while making it extremely fast and easy to route signals in any way you see fit. Want to sniff bus traffic? Get in the middle! Want to develop OBD2 devices without running to your car every five minutes? Plug in the optional power adapter and work where you want to (like inside where it is warm). Want to re-route CAN1 down to CAN0? Easy! This board is the pinnacle of flexibility and functionality, and we look forward to seeing what users do with it.

Check out our lengthy write-up on just a few of the possible ways this product can be configured to solve specific problems:

We announced a limited beta program on Reddit, and we shipped out a few dozen units to early adopters. After a couple of months of use we were getting a lot of very positive feedback from people using it in all kinds of interesting situations. We have concluded the beta testing, and the product is now available to everyone!

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