Production Update - almost there!

 We've spent the last couple of months working with the community and doing our own testing to find ways we can improve M2. We're keeping track of known issues that will be addressed in the M2 Release here. In summary, we're doing a quick-turn prototype of our interface board to confirm that several improvements we've made are acceptable for production. The bigger improvements are our six 12V driver circuits. We've made them more robust and easier to work with in software. Most other changes were made to improve manufacturability.We're making a couple small tweaks to our processor board as well, but not as many as the interface board. We’ve also identified several small changes throughout the design to further improve current consumption when in low power mode.We are thrilled by all of the excellent feedback we are getting from the car hacking community. We've taken your feedback and rolled it into the production version. Stay tuned for more updates as this production run comes together.