First look: Connyct gets your car on the internet


This week we are showing off another exciting developer project. Lots of you immediately saw the IoT (Internet of Things) potential that M2 has. Sushant and Suraj jumped at the chance to start working on a platform to allow you to easily monitor any piece of data you find with M2. We are impressed to see just how far along their project is. This thing probably deserves its own Kickstarter! The least we can do is give them the rest of this update to tell you about it:


Macchina + Connyct

M2 acts as the bridge between your car and Connyct by talking and listening to your car. M2 then sends the information to the Connyct cloud via several methods (WIFI, Cellular, etc). Connyct takes that data, visualizes it and helps you interact with your car in real time from anywhere. Macchina and Connyct are a perfect pairing.

Use cases

This combination of M2 and Connyct will benefit a wide variety of users and applications. It will already be useful to the general hobbyist and we are currently building it up to the point where companies and entrepreneurs will find it very attractive.

  • Fleets - tracking, real time monitoring, or triggering event (for example, monitoring engine usage/load or based on location).
  • Teen drivers - monitoring driving habits of your teen
  • Sales People - Keep track of your fuel usage and cost
  • Diagnostics - Track codes and other critical indicators
  • Web dashboard - display the complex information only M2 can access

Just about everyone who is interested in M2 could find a use for Connyct so we are working directly with Macchina to provide you with what you need.

2-Way Communication

Connyct is not JUST a dashboard. You can even do 2-way communication with your car. For example, create a button on your smartphone to start your car or roll down your windows on a hot day. The possibilities are endless.

Compatibility / Ease of Use

Macchina pairs very easily with Connyct. To learn about how to use Connyct with Macchina click here.

Give it a try!

Macchina users who bought an M2 on Kickstarter or pre-ordered through will receive early access to the Connyct IoT platform. You'll receive storage and analysis of a million data points every month. Learn more on the Macchina forums here. Thanks, Sushant